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Killing Floor 2 Early Access Review / Fun Co-op Zombie Shooter

Killing Floor 2 is currently in early access, but it's shaping up to be a good sequel and a great fun multiplayer shooter. For those new to the series, Killing Floor 2 is a survival first person shooter where you face multiple horde waves of zombies. It's action packed and filled with gore. The developers have actually stated that they spent and an excessive amount of time developing the gore with this game. Not only has the splatter from dead zombie increased, it's permanent. Any decals and blood splatter remains for the entire round. Dismemberment is also incredibly detailed. Shooting each part of the zombie results in different types of dismemberment. The detail of the gore and the shooting is better than any other game so far.

1 | by skilledjerk | | 0 Comments | Youtube Killing Floor 2 PC Game Clip

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Created by @htr_xorth
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