Killing Floor 2 Early Access Review / Fun Co-op Zombie Shooter

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Killing Floor 2 is currently in early access, but it's shaping up to be a good sequel and a great fun multiplayer shooter. For those new to the series, Killing Floor 2 is a survival first person shooter where you face multiple horde waves of zombies. It's action packed and filled with gore. The developers have actually stated that they spent and an excessive amount of time developing the gore with this game. Not only has the splatter from dead zombie increased, it's permanent. Any decals and blood splatter remains for the entire round. Dismemberment is also incredibly detailed. Shooting each part of the zombie results in different types of dismemberment. The detail of the gore and the shooting is better than any other game so far.

I'll break the gameplay down for you. You select your choice of waves and difficulty. Each round begins with the trade pod where you can buy weapons, ammo, and armor similar to Counter Strike. You shoot out zombies the entire round gaining XP and money then restock and repeat. Ammo management is especially important because you will expend so much of it killing the numerous amounts of zombies. After you finish your full set of waves you face the boss. Which is a super high damage and high HP special zombie that is tough to kill. There's also plenty of special zombies which mix up the gameplay. There are four different classes who support the team in their own ways. They each get specializations for weapons and abilities. Each character can reach up to lvl 25 individually so it will take a lot of hours to max your levels.

The game is immersive through a series of small touches. The decals and the dismemberment is so omnipotent it will impress you in every level. The guns are challenging and have a sense of realism while still keeping the arcade style gameplay. There are even different reload animations each time you hit the reload button. Even hitting the reload button with a full mag will cause your character to check the gun which is a nice touch. Bosses are very terrorizing and just flat out tough. Each character also has distinct dialogue and reactions to the gameplay.

Team work is very important but this game follows the easy to pickup hard to master philosophy. You can survive many rounds and perform well in a public pickup game. But a well coordinated team of players who know each other is necessary for higher difficulties and bosses. As you get more skilled you learn to conserve ammo, hit more headshots, and as a result upgrade your weapons faster.

Killing Floor 2 is very polished for an Early Access game. I've played many early access games that have almost no features and even wireframe levels. If you buy Killing Floor 2 now, you'll actually have a real game to play. Killing Floor 2 can be a ton of fun as long as you accept that it's a horde mode shooter. Don't go looking for a campaign mode or mission based gameplay. Go in to Killing Floor 2 looking for a lot of Zombies to slaughter. The first killing floor game was supported with a lot of content and the developer Tripwire listens to their community. I can recommend you pickup Killing Floor 2 if you love horde based shooters.

Killing Floor 2 Early Access receives a score of 80. Subscribe to the skilled channel for more game review on steam and consoles.

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