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Wander Trailer Review - Non Combat Exploration MMO

Wander takes a step in a completely different direction for MMOs and is part of a new genre of games. The game revolves entirely around exploration and discovery in a huge open world. There's no combat. It's you and the environment. In wander your start off deep in a forest occupying the form of a walking sentient tree. Eventually you get to embody other forms each with their own unique abilities to interact with the world. The game isn't entirely objective based, it's more like a simulator. You'll discover lorestones and mysterious records that teach you the history of the planet and it's inhabitants. There are also plenty of secrets to discover for those who sink their time in to the game.

1 | by skilledjerk | | 0 Comments | Youtube Wander PlayStation 4 News

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Created by @htr_xorth
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