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Get In To The Dirty Bomb Beta NOW Full BETA Access Launches

Dirty Bomb has officially launched the beta for full time access. Dirty Bomb had a few short trial periods with a closed beta that only lasted a few days, but it’s now it’s playable by almost anyone. People with previous closed beta access can play the game whenever they want and those new to Dirty Bomb can purchase a starter kit which provides them with Beta access and instant access to a few unlockable characters.

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Upcoming Competitive Shooter Game Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb could be the next big competitive shooter for hardcore and old school PC Players. The devs themselves have stated that competitive play is their goal, but there will be plenty of progression for casual players.

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Dirty Bomb Closed Beta Review

Dirty Bomb is made by Splash Damage, known for the very first Free to Play Shooter Enemy Territory. We’re going over a review of the Closed Beta that just ended.

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