Trials Fusion The Cave Platinum Run

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The first platinum medal for my latest epic custom track "The Cave" is a fact, and under 9 minutes!! WTF
World Record 0 faults by Muzza Trials: 7.58.712

Track: The Cave
Platform: Made on PS4 but added crossplatform on Uplay recommended?
Rider: Nexiha a.k.a. Badass
Music: Thomas Bergersen - Sonera ( Instrumental Version)

Track took over 100 something hours to build.
The last 30-20 hours of creating I was constantly battling total complexion, had to remove stuff to make room for other stuff.
I want to build more epic tracks for you guys, so let me know what works and what not.

Special thanks to Core2TOM
And my PR guys =D
Kasamofasola and Smilies2013

You can follow my Trials Fusion builds here:



PSN: lXxUltraNovaxXl

Thank you all for your support! We got over 60.000 views!

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Video Info

O.P. xorth
Category Game Clip
Source Youtube
Uploader The Epic Trials Subscribe on Youtube
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Game Info

Title Trials Fusion
  • Xbox 360
  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4

Created by @htr_xorth
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