New Year's Update Video - The All-In Promise! The Ultimatum!

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WARNING: There is profanity in this video, children viewership is not recommended. You've been warned!

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Happy New Year everyone, this is a pretty important video to share with you all. This is definitely about the channel's future and my somewhat lofty goal I've put upon myself. But this certainly will bring about some focus on the channel. I want to do a great job for you guys and I'm not gonna do that when I'm dragging my feet here. So without further ado, let's get started with a showcase of the channel's biggest test this year. Will I pull it out of the grave or will I lay it to rest? That will be the biggest question.

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O.P. ugagamestore
Category Game Clip
Source Youtube
Uploader WaddlerD Subscribe on Youtube
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Title Astro Boy: The Video Game
  • PlayStation Portable
  • PlayStation 2
  • Wii
  • Nintendo DS
  • PlayStation Network (PSP)

Created by @htr_xorth
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