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1 | by Jivenchy | | 0 Comments | One Drive Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 Montage

Bagged by both teams

After a 2nd betrayal, I caught this random teammate and 2 enemy players having a tea party on my face. How often in breakout do opposing team join forces with not fire fighting????

1 | by Thetangybeef | | 0 Comments | One Drive Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One Montage

Give Me God Of War Journey To The Mountain (Atreus Falls through Bridge)

The first difficult part I encountered, on the hardest difficulty. The method used, which I found to be the most efficient.

1 | by Johny_barbarain | | 0 Comments | Youtube God of War III PlayStation 4 Tutorial

yeezus ft. thank yeezy

someone sent me a virus halfway through editing this and fried the hdd i had the project on so..

1 | by blkout🔥👻🔥 | | 0 Comments | Youtube Halo 3 Xbox 360 Montage

Gladlys | Never Sweet, Never Bitter [Teaser]

Teaser video for Gladlys Never Sweet, Never Bitter Montage edited by yours truly,

1 | by blkout🔥👻🔥 | | 0 Comments | Youtube Halo 2 Xbox Montage


1 | by blkout🔥👻🔥 | | 0 Comments | Youtube Halo 2 Xbox Montage

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